RAGDOLL - koty rasowe - hodowla

We warmly welcome to our family run cattery home page Dama w Masce. We have been Ragdolls lovers for a long time, and our children Adaś and Amelka joined us recently in our Ragdoll adventure. The first time we saw this beautiful breed, it was impossible for us not to fall in love with the blue eyes, and the peaceful way that Ragdolls look at you. People say, that when you meet Ragdolls you will never remain indifferent toward them, and that’s very true in our case as well. The Ragdolls cat breed has amaizingly docile nature which goes together with their beauty, sociability and friendliness. Please feel to take free a stroll through our virtual home, and meet our feline friends, who will hopefully capture your hearts.

                                                                                                 Małgorzata & Daniel Wojtkowiak